Small damage

Smart repairs

This happened to you..

Somebody bumped into your car with their shopping trolley. Or your parked your car a bit too enthusiastically, and you didn’t see the small concrete picket. Your youngest dropped his icecream on the back seat. Or your daughter hit the curb a bit impetuously. Rings a bell?

A small dent in the door, a scratch or a tear in the bumper, ugly stains on the seats, a dented wheel rim. And every time you step into your car, you have the same reaction: it’s too bad, really, I should do something about it, but what is it going to cost? Rings a bell?

This is where CarVic comes in. Using clever techniques and advanced products (what we call “smart repairs”) we can quickly and cheaply repair small damages. We repair rather than replace. It’s good for the environment, and it’s good for your wallet.

So, define “small”!

As a rule of thumb, anything you can cover with the palm of your hand qualifies for smart repairs. We push out the small dent in your fender, and with some luck, we don’t even have to re-spray. A bit of polish, and off you go.


Sometimes, there’s just no way round a spot of paint. But then, that’s exactly what it is: a spot of paint. We spray the paint very locally, and don’t redo the whole fender or door. The same goes for that little tear in your chair: we’ll very cleverly scarf it, so you won’t see a thing. No reason to compromise on quality.

Your benefit

It’s going to cost you substantially less than a classic repair job. And, more often than not, we can do the job while you wait. You settle down in our customer area, you enjoy a cup of coffee, and if you want, you can work on your laptop or tablet over our free customer WIFI.

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