Our services

CarVic stands for Passion, Professionalism, Perfection. Our people are highly trained top notch professionals, passionate about their jobs, and always looking for perfection in their work.

Spot repair

We only re-spray a tiny part of the car for what we call spot repairs. That makes for substantial savings in time and money. And your car is ready the same day. Spot repair is your best alternative for a traditional repair job.

Panel beating without spraying

We don’t actually “beat out” anymore, we push out small dents and scratches due to parking lot incidents, transport, hail, etc. Since we use neither filler nor paint, the job is between 50% and 75% cheaper.

Repairing synthetic materials

A tear in your bumper, or a broken-off headlight support pad can be quickly and efficiently “welded”: the part will be just as solid as before. The technique can be used on just about any bit made of synthetic material.

Repairing wheel rims

Alloy rims are fragile, and get damaged easily, e.g. when parking the car a bit too impetuously along the curb. A replacement rim can be an expensive proposition, whereas our CarVic method offers a perfect alternative for a reasonable cost, that can be applied on painted wheel rims, as well as on polished ones.


A thorough and professional makeover, inside as well as outside, will literally rejuvenate your car. After a CarVic refurbishment, your car will be ready for any showroom. And that’s a promise!

Windshield chips

We’ve all had it happen to us. That small chip in the windshield. No panic! After the CarVic treatment, the windshield will be as new. As long as the chip is no bigger than the proverbial 2€ coin, and is not situated in your direct visual field, the unique CarVic repair system makes for a full repair of your windshield. It will look as new, and will be MOT approved. And you just spared yourself the expense of a new windshield.