Car fleets

Smart Repairs can be an interesting alternative for car fleet managers, whether it be for employee company cars, vans or light trucks.

Vehicles showing scratches or small dents, scarred bumpers, dented wheel rims : they can look a bit scruffy, and your company image may suffer from it. Moreover, it’s an established psychological fact that a driver will handle an immaculate looking car more cautiously

Smart repairs can moreover quite often be performed fairly quickly, saving the car fleet manager and the driver the time and the aggravation of gearing up for a classic repair: check calendars, make an appointment, organise a replacement vehicle, pay for the replacement vehicle, etc. All very boring.

Leasing companies tend to impose fairly high deductibles on fleet operators (or drivers), potentially discouraging them to have smaller repairs done. So at the end of the contract, when the vehicle has to be returned to the leasing company, there is the old dilemma: do we repair, or do we swallow the cost charged by the leasing company?

So, a dented door? A scratch in the bumper? A chip in the windshield? Just call CarVic, hop over, and – generally – just wait in our customer area. With our free customer WIFI, you can continue working, while enjoying an espresso. Does the lettering have to be redone, or do company logos have to be renewed? Leave it to us. And should the job really require more than 60 or 90 minutes, we can arrange for a replacement car at a very good rate.